New Orleans Pedicab Advertising works exclusively with Alford Advertising, Inc. as the only media management company for the New Orleans market. We will guarantee you the lowest rates on advertising on New Orleans pedicabs. We specialize in advertising, marketing and the operations of the New Orleans Pedicab advertising. We know the New Orleans market better then anyone else. We also handle all of the production and permits needed for a successful campaign and can also guarantee you a seamless and smooth process.

Let us know your budget and your concerns about exposure and we can design a plan for the most effective package for maximum exposure at an efficient rate of investment. Our team of advertising specialist and pedicab managers see that we offer you the most effective scenarios to make for the most successful campaign. We can customize the right marketing strategy just for you. Give us a call today and let 45 pedicabs go to work marketing your message.

New Orleans Pedicab Advertising Offers:

Full Wrap

Media Full Vinyl Wrap

Full wraps are the largest pedicab advertising spaces possible. They cover the entire cab body including side panels, back panel and the calf area. This is the largest amount of area allowed by the City of New Orleans. This space permits you to have more product and brand recognition. The wraps are produced on high quality outdoor waterproof material in a lasting laminate. We will provide you with a custom template which helps you design your artwork to maximum impact. We will take care of the city approval and the print production and installation.

Panel Ad

Panel Ads

Our pedicabs provide 4 potential advertising panels virtually transforming the cab into a mobile marketing unit representing your companies brand, value and messaging. These panels ads include - back, 2 sides and the calf area.

Panel Ad

Free Ride Sponsorship

Complimentary rides along with advertising is the ultimate platform for delivering your brands message. Contact us today to work out a price structure that will guarantee added value to your campaign!

Panel Ad

Convention and Trade Show Services

Is your company exhibiting at the Convention Center or downtown hotel at an upcoming trade-show? Why not create awareness of your product or service as soon as they reach the downtown area, before they even reach the function. New Orleans Pedicab Advertising will help guide your target market to your companies footprint while impacting and informing the general public of your brand.